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Get Powerful Cleaning Solutions for Your Business With Our Commercial Pressure Washing Experts

If you’re a business owner, you know the importance of first impressions. From clean and fluff-free websites to an organized brick-and-mortar store, you ensure everything is on point to drive in customers. Then why do you take the exteriors of your commercial property lightly?

Take charge of your commercial property outdoors and transform it into a clean and welcoming space. Lakewood Pressure Washing Pros is equipped with the passion, expertise, experience, and manpower to handle all your pressure cleaning needs. 

And rest assured — we won’t disrupt your business operations. We are efficient, prompt, and effective at our jobs. Reach out to our commercial pressure-washing experts today.

Our Commercial Pressure Washing Services and Expertise

Running a business is your expertise, and cleaning it like a pro is ours! We are your one-stop solution to cover all your commercial washing and high pressure water cleaning needs. Here are some of our most sought-after services, ideal to help you maintain a neat and sleek commercial space:

  • Commercial pressure washing
  • Commercial power washing
  • Pressure wash fire exits and staircases
  • Window cleaning
  • Commercial roof washing
  • Litter picking
  • Chewing gum removal
  • Commercial gutter cleaning
  • Soft washing
  • Concrete cleaning and stain removal
  • Dumpster cleaning
  • Building washing
  • Communal area cleaning

In order to avoid disrupting your business operations, our pressure washers schedule the job according to your convenience. Moreover, we use industry-grade equipment and safe cleaning supplies to give an excellent finish to our job at a record speed – give us a call today to discuss your commercial cleaning needs!

Why Should You Hire Commercial Pressure Washing Services?

Safe & Thorough Cleaning

State-of-the-art equipment, expert skills, and industry knowledge allow our experts to deliver a deep cleaning experience with safe and eco-friendly solutions.

Saves Time and Effort

While commercial pressure washing services take care of the cleaning issues, you can focus on running your business and managing daily operations.

Enhances Health and Safety

A business outdoors with hazardous substances like mold and mildew is a health and safety hazard. Hire professional pressure cleaning pros to make your business space a safe environment.

Make a Lasting Impression With Our Commercial Pressure Cleaning Services

A well-presented exterior is vital for any business’s reputation. If you notice dirt, grime, and stains accumulating over time outside your commercial space, don’t hesitate to take professional pressure washer cleaning help.

At Lakewood Pressure Washing Pros, we work with you to find a pressure-cleaning window that’s most convenient for you. Besides, we are committed to offering exceptional service at fair rates with no hidden costs.

So get in touch with our commercial pressure cleaning experts in Lakewood, WA, today.

Commercial Pressure Washing Frequently Asked Questions

Commercial pressure washing uses high-pressure water to remove unwanted substances from exterior surfaces of business properties. Be it your storefronts, sidewalks, or parking lot, keeping it clean and organized enhances the curb appeal of your business.

When you see the outside property of your business and feel like it needs a visual makeover, you must book commercial pressure washing services. 

Also, please note that not all stains and bacteria are visible to the naked eye. If overlooked, they might cause health hazards for your employees and customers. Therefore, try to schedule commercial pressure washing services at least once or twice a year.

The duration of one session of commercial pressure cleaning depends on several factors, such as the length of the area, the level of buildup, the complexity of the project, the reason for the buildup, weather conditions, and others.