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Gentle Cleaning for Your External Property With Soft Pressure Washing

The exterior area of your home or commercial property is prone to damage from poor weather conditions, dirt, and bacteria. However, in some cases, conventional cleaning methods, like a power washer or pressure washing, may not work as efficiently on your material as you would like. 

That’s where Lakewood Pressure Washing Pros comes in with top-notch soft washing solutions.

Be it paint, brick, wood, concrete, or siding, we ensure our tools and cleaning methods don’t strip away the protective coating of your surfaces. Be it mold, mildew, or grime, our gentle yet effective soft-pressure cleaning solutions take care of them.

So don’t let the appearance of your property suffer —  speak to our certified soft-pressure cleaning experts today to soft wash your home or commercial space. 

Why Should You Hire Soft Pressure Washing Services?

Gentle Cleaning

Traditional pressure washing methods can be too hard for some surfaces. Avoid the risk of costly repairs or replacements with low-pressure cleaning and gentle solutions.

Specialized Team

Our soft-pressure cleaning team is licensed, insured, and certified. So rest assured — we deliver professional results by an experienced team.

Peace of Mind

We take care of blind spots, hard stains, and stubborn grease. So while we clean your property safely and effectively, you can relax without the stress of any damage.

No More Dirt and Stains With Soft Pressure Cleaning Services

Are you ready to restore your home outdoors without causing any damage to your property material? If yes, look no further than expert soft-pressure cleaning services at Lakewood Pressure Washing Pros.

Our team prioritizes customer satisfaction and does not settle for delivering average quality. We offer flexible service scheduling options, come on time, and tackle all the cleaning challenges.

So get in touch with our soft-pressure cleaning masters to enhance the appeal of your property.

Commercial Pressure Washing Frequently Asked Questions

Soft pressure washing is a cleaning method to clean delicate exterior surfaces such as roofs, windows, and siding without causing any damage to the material. It uses low-pressure water with a pressure of less than 500 psi and a wider tip. Moreover, most of the cleaning solutions are eco-friendly.

Yes, soft pressure services can remove all kinds of stains, including oil and grease ones. However, it will require the use of specialized cleaning solutions and deep soft cleaning knowledge. Rest assured – our professionals at Lakewood Pressure Washing Pros and well-versed in all kinds of cleaning products and challenges.

Yes, soft-pressure washing techniques are effective at preventing the growth of mold and mildew. The eco-friendly solutions kill mold and mildew and remove other existing bacteria. They also prevent their further growth and spread.